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Oh Oregon Frontier Park is a community river park, recreational and educational site, and a center for community celebration and family activities.  It is also the home of Family Frontier Vacations; together with its neighboring properties, the Applegate River Lodge and Applegate Cafe and Store,  Family Frontier Vacations provides a family vacation experience reconnecting families on one of the most beautiful riverfronts in America along the Applegate River at Pioneer Bridge as they experience the history, mystery and romance of the American West through Native American and Pioneer dancing, music, arts and crafts. Visitors can conveniently enjoy both country diner family dining at Applegate Cafe and river front dining at Applegate River Lodge.  Visitors and residents alike will enjoy the frontier park’s summer camp programs while parents can enjoy wine tours and explore Historic Jacksonville.

The Frontier Park is also the home of “Romancing the West,” a touring historic musical concert sharing the woven histories of the people of the West, spanning 240 years of the history of the West in the music of every era from ragtime to rock.  From the plight of the Native American Tribes through the Gold Rush, The Great Depression, World Wars, and the Civil Rights Movement to the political polarization of the present day, our diversity, compassion and the triumph of the human spirit is celebrated,  and audiences are inspired to leave a family legacy